Let's face it... Pinterest is awesome!

Pinterest is where we find our next DIY project, inspiration for our dream road trip, or the recipe for dinner tonight.

But what does this have to do with your business?

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Pinterest is a visual discovery search engine with active users looking for inspiration, products, and influencers.

With the proper strategy, your brand and products can organically rise to the top of searches and gain a following that leads to sales and brand awareness. 

Did you know that a Pinterest "pin" has a longer active shelf-life (3+ months!) than any other piece of social media content? Make this work for your company.

Want to know the secret to #winning at Pinterest. I'll let you in on a little secret...

The key to winning at Pinterest is consistent pinning. This means pinning every day.

Even if you LOVE Pinterest and could spend all day pinning, who has that much free time? We've got businesses to run and lives to live.

This is where I come in!

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Let's automate your Pinterest growth.

Hi! I'm Kelsey. 

I am obsessed with all things Pinterest and I would love to help you put your Pinterest growth on autopilot.

Let's create a unique point of view for your brand online and then set up scheduling and automation tools to grow your account with as little of your very valuable time as possible.

Skeptical? You should be! This is your business we're talking about. You don't want to hand over your account login to just anyone!

So let's take a moment to look over my Pinterest skills and see if we are a good match <3

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Let's talk about the skills...

Here is an overview of Pinterest services that I can provide for your account:

Account Set Up

  • Name, description, keywords, and image optimization.
  • Board creation and set up (title, description, 20 pins minimum, board covers).

Overall Pinterest Strategy

  • Set up scheduling and automations through Boardbooster and/or Tailwind
  • Group boards, affiliate pinning, and promoted pins
  • Pinterest analytics and reporting

Account Clean up

  • Update title, description, and image.
  • Clean up boards, organize and remove
  • Review existing pins and move/remove when necessary

Pin Creation

  • Template creation
  • Ongoing pin creation with brand guidelines
  • Pin descriptions with keywords
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Need more convincing? Let's look a case study!

Case Study: Heath & Alyssa

How I used Boardbooster to grow website referrals 14x in 3 months

In this podcast interview with Heath & Alyssa, we talk about the steps I took to rebrand the account, create viral pins, and set up automations in Boardbooster that grew the website referrals 14x in 3 months. Visit the link to download the case study and Pinterest kickstart guide.

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Are you ready to take over the internet and take back your time?

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